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The Bryce Resort Ski Team

Parent’s Guide

Preparing for Races and recommendations for RACE DAY


How do I register for the races?

Refer to the SARA website for the guide, schedule and the rules for the number of races needed to qualify for champs (if that is the athlete’s goal). Download the forms listed on the website with all the generic info. – i.e. Racer name, address, USSA ID, (if the athlete hasn’t received a USSA member #, write “pending”), birth year, club, gender and age class. Then duplicate this form to use for all the races. Fill in by hand the location, type of race and race date. Send the forms by the deadlines with the appropriate amount of $. You may also purchase the racer’s lift ticket when registering. Generally tickets are available for $40 for racers and $40.00 for accompanying family members and may be purchased on the day of the race. Deadlines vary from race to race. Registering early insures your child a place at the starting gate. Paying all required fees in advance helps make the registration process smoother for the parents and volunteers working registration.

What do I do on race day?

Race days are always filled with anxiety, triumph and for some, disappointment. How to best serve your child? GIVE THEM SOME ROOM! Your child is learning how to become a ski racer. Figuring out where they need to be and when is part of their learning process. Within reason, let your child figure out how to get to the start at the proper time, with the things they need. Many children have a system of packing that works for them.

Arrive on time. A hurried athlete is a stressed one, which is the last ingredient they need on race day. Skiers need to complete registration, get a course bib, and inspect the course with their coaches. The skier needs to be at the race location on time to get all of this done. Meeting time for most races is 7:30 a.m.

Ski. If you want to be on the hill many clubs need gatekeepers and will give vouchers for your service.

Help. Ask the coaches if they need any assistance. Lugging coats from the race start to finish is a favorite (and always fun to watch). How to find your child’s coat? Mark your kid’s name conspicuously in their clothes. There will be many identical size 12 Spyder pants in the pile.

Give support to all Ski Team athletes. A compliment from someone else’s dad/mom could be the key to a kid’s best day.

Provide energy. Breakfast, healthy morning snack and lots of water and juice should be available. Be sure in all the hubbub of the day that they get at least a light lunch or several small meals throughout.

What don’t I do on Race day?

Don’t criticize. If your child has a particularly bad day try to do something fun on the way home. A hug & kiss, a kind word, a good joke, a welcoming smile, a positive comment will go far for setting the tone with an athlete. Think before you speak-what may seem helpful to an adult is easily misconstrued as criticism to a child. Be clear to tell your child that your “disappointment” is for her versus in her.

Don’t inspect the course. USSA rules allow coaches, athletes, and officials on the course, period.

Stay away from the “start’ area unless asked by a coach to perform a specific task. Parents can be distracting at this point.

Avoid negative comments. While watching the race or back in the lodge keep negative comments about other children, coaches or the running of the race to yourself. Racers will quickly pick up on these statements, use them as excuses and will carry it around the rest of the day. Coaching is done during training.

Who organizes the races?

While the races are run under USSA rules and are sanctioned by SARA, the host hill has the responsibility to organize the race. These races, however, cannot be run without substantial volunteer support. At the Bryce Resort races, we need help from the parents for a host of tasks, including registration (4-6 people), gate-keeping (10-12 people), the scoreboard (2 people), time-keeping (4 people), course maintenance (4 people), etc. It is our responsibility to secure this support and we look to the Ski Team parents to be generous in volunteering their time. At other hills, volunteers are always in demand and an offer to help will be much appreciated. In addition, at all races we need help in carrying clothing (coats, pants, etc) from the top of the course to the finish line (or sometimes the lodge).

Where do the Ski Team families stay?

Most races are held within a few hours drive of Bryce Resort (such as the races at Massanutten & Wintergreen). But sometimes races are held at resorts that will require an overnight stay. Very often, families share condos to help defray the costs of accommodations and provide a built-in social environment for their child. The following is a list of accommodations at some of the resorts to which we have traveled in the past. We suggest Map Quest for directions.

Bryce Resort, VA

Mount Jackson is located about 12 miles from Bryce Resort. Very often Bryce arranges a room discount.

Best Western Shenandoah Valley
250 Conicville Rd.
I-81 Exit 273
Mount Jackson, VA 22842
Tel: 540-477-2911

General price range: US$ 42 – 52

For two night or more stays, several condo options are available. Bryce Resort’s web site provides links to all the local real estate rental properties.

Massanutten Resort, VA

Canaan/Timberline, WV

Best value: Deerfield Village condos are very spacious
$180 per night (2 BR plus sleep sofa)

Timberline Real Estate has walk to slope homes & condos:

Winterplace Resort, WV

There is a strip of hotels (Comfort Inn, Best Western, etc.), all 25 minutes from the resort.
Many offer AAA discounts.

Snowshoe Mountain Resort, WV

There is a wide variety of condos and homes available:

Sugar Mountain Ski Resort, Banner Elk, NC

Smoketree Lodge, Banner Elk 1-800-422-1880
AAA discount, kitchenette in every room, very reasonable rates ($80, $95)

Holiday Inn, Banner Elk, NC 1-877-877-4553 (toll-free)
No AAA discounts on weekends, $139-$159 rates, breakfast buffet$5.95
children 12 & under free breakfast.
Web site for resort accommodations:

Beech Mountain, NC

Web site for resort accommodations:

Are there other travel issues to keep in mind?

You will be traveling in the winter and winter weather can have an impact. Be sure to allow enough time to deal with adverse weather conditions (we encounter snowy conditions en route at least once or twice a year on average). Also, make contingency plans for delays. It is a good idea to carry some extra blankets in the car as well as a supply of drinking water in the event of unexpected problems.

I know I will have more questions. How do I find out more information?

Ask the coaches and ask other parents. All of the veteran race team parents have been through this process. You need to ask the “dumb” questions. We have all asked them. The Friends of the Bryce Ski Team helps coordinate events, organizes the Bryce Resort race including championships, and facilitates communication among the parents. Feel free to contact any of the officers with your questions and ideas.







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